General information and work schedule

General information and work schedule

JSC "Slonim water utility" to carry out certain work aimed at the implementation of orders of the President of the Republic of Belarus to ensure that the work with citizens on the principle of "single window", the simplification of procedures for obtaining residents of various kinds of certificates and documents, the creation of user-friendly for the citizens of the operating mode of the organization.

In the lobby of the company in a conspicuous place available information:

1. the structure of the organization,

2. about the leaders and Reception of citizens.

3. The name of the parent organization and the procedure for admission

which gives full details the procedure for issuing certificates and other documents.


  •     kind of fulfillment of administrative procedures;
  •     Front which performs the procedure;
  •     list of required documents or information provided by the citizen;
  •     the amount of payment for the issuance of certificates or other documents;
  •     the maximum term of consideration of the application, issuance of certificates or any other document.

Transmitted on the phone a citizen about the need to personally receive the document by hand or on his postage.

Faces "one window" service, responsible for the reception of applications and the issuance of final certificates or other documents held by order of the company.

The schedule prompt replacement of a temporarily absent employees engaged in receiving and issuing of certificates or other documents.

Emergency dispatch service companies working around the clock, also provides advice and practical assistance to the population.

In 2018 Joined:

18 - requests for recalculation of payment for utility bills;

4 - calls for the emergency dispatch service;

3 - calls for water supply.

According to the principle of direct access to information, we are working with the following organizations: - Public notary Slonim district - Slonim branch of RUE "Grodno Agency for State registration and land cadastre" - Department of land use and geodetic service of the Slonim district executive committee - the Office of Labor, Employment i social protection of the Slonim district executive committee - Department of internal Affairs of the Slonim district executive committee.

For the purpose of quality services to the public as soon as possible and in accordance with their interests and needs, to ensure public facilities organized and operated subsidiary of the Department of convenience to consumers in the city center on the street. Kupala 13a (referring to the territorial remoteness of the central office of the Company).

You can ask questions and receive expert answers.

Address: 231800, ul. Pushkina, 120; Slonim; Grodno .; tel. 8 (01562) 66499

Telephones Department of calculations with consumers:

6-64-99, 6-60-27, 2-48-40, 6-64-85

MTS (29) 77-81-322

Velcom (29) 127-66-84

Life (25) 549-73-21

Hours Division of calculations with consumers:

Day of the week

Getting Started

End of work

Monday – Friday







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