Open Joint Stock Company "Slonim Vodokanal"

Director of Slonim Vodokanal OJSC

Vladimir Yemelin, tel. 8 (01562) 6-60-26

In its activity is guided by the Charter of the enterprise. Organizes interaction with the Slonim District Executive Committee and other organizations of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services.

Enterprise mode:

Every day from 8.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00

Days off: Saturday, Sunday

Reception phone: 8 (01562) 6-60-30

Fax: 8 (01562) 6-60-28

Customer Department:

Daily from 8.00-17.00

Days off: Saturday, Sunday

More information can be obtained by phone numbers: 6-64-99, 6-67-92, 6-60-27, 6-64-85

Emergency dispatch service - around the clock tel. 6-64-11

A single round-the-clock number of regional dispatch services tel. 115

Company structure


The main activities of the Company are:

  • raising, supplying and selling water;
  • drainage, pumping and sewage treatment;
  • accounting of the rise, sale of drinking water and wastewater disposal;
  • provision and control of the sanitary condition of the plumbing, bacteriological, chemical and radiological state of drinking water and wastewater;
  • issuance of technical conditions for water supply and sewage;
  • carrying out scientific, technical, research, and advisory and implementation works;
  • development and implementation of automated process control systems;
  • production of design and estimate documentation for the construction of facilities of 3 class of complexity;
  • surveying objects;
  • performance of special construction works;
  • implementation of trade and trade and production activities;
  • production of cantilever pumps, repair of pumping equipment;
  • production of water packaged in containers;
  • repair and calibration of water and heat meters

Open Joint Stock Company "Slonim Vodokanal" was established by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko No. 188 of March 10, 1997.

Sewage treatment facilities are the best in Belarus for the quality of wastewater treatment, for which OJSC “Slonim Vodokanal” was repeatedly awarded at the republican and international level, which can be found in the Museum of the History of the Slonim water pipeline.

Issues of environmental protection and environmental management are becoming increasingly important, because human health is directly related to the state of the environment, therefore the need to protect natural resources and the most important resource - water, become our common concern. The future of our children and possible problems with water supply concern each of us. This is not the case only for managers of water organizations and government agencies. Therefore, it is very important that each person realizes his or her role in the water cycle. What is called “water consumption” is actually water pollution.

Water is an incredibly important aspect of our daily life. Together with the earth and air, it surrounds us, accompanies throughout life, sometimes not even attracting much attention. 70% of the surface of the globe is occupied by water. About the same amount of fluid contains the human body. If a person can live for about 40 days without food, then no more than 6 days without water.

Before the start of the scientific and technological revolution, man used natural water sources to satisfy his needs, and nature, with the help of bacteria, easily cleaned up the contaminated water. But with the development of industry, people began to mindlessly dump into the water a huge amount of substances that nature is not able to process. The picture is complemented by the ever increasing degree of water pollution at the exit of our apartments. The more water is polluted, the greater the degree of purification required in order that it can be used again in everyday life and at work.

Payment for water is a small part of the cost of utilities, however, the damage inflicted on nature by the uneconomical and improper use of water in the near future may become significant and affect the ecological health of our country and the planet as a whole.


Do not forget!

The environment is not just a set of components of the natural environment, but also an inexhaustible source of true strength and energy, which is the basis of success in its protection.

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